Understanding Order Statuses for Your Cheese Wedding Cake Purchase

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When purchasing a cheese wedding cake from our online shop, it is essential to understand the different order statuses your order may go through.


This support article provides an overview of the various order statuses, explaining the meaning of each status and helping you track your order's progress.

Order Statuses:

1. Open: Your order has been placed and is currently being processed.

2. Archived: Your order has been completed and archived for record-keeping purposes.

3. Canceled: Your order has been cancelled, either by you or by us due to specific reasons (e.g., stock unavailability, payment issues).

Payment Statuses:

1. Pending: Your payment is being verified or awaiting confirmation.

2. Authorised: Your payment has been authorised but not yet captured (taken from your account).

3. Overdue: Your payment has not been received within the specified time frame and must be settled.

4. Expiring: Your payment authorisation is about to expire and must be captured soon.

5. Expired: Your payment authorisation has expired, and the payment must be re-authorised.

6. Paid: Your payment has been successfully received and processed.

7. Refunded: Your payment has been refunded in full.

8. Partially refunded: A portion of your payment has been refunded.

9. Partially paid: Only a part of the total payment has been received.

10. Voided: Your payment authorisation has been cancelled, and no funds have been taken.

11. Unpaid: Your payment has not been received, and the order will not be processed until payment is made.

Fulfillment Statuses:

1. Fulfilled: Your order has been fully shipped and completed.

2. Unfulfilled (default): Your order has not yet been shipped.

3. Partially fulfilled: Some items in your order have been shipped, while others are still being processed.

4. Scheduled: Your order is a prepaid subscription and will be shipped according to the predetermined schedule.

5. On hold: Your order is on hold due to up-sell offers or manual fulfilment holds.

Return Statuses:

1. Return requested: You have requested a return for your order.

2. Return in progress: Your return request is being processed.

3. Returned: Your returned item(s) have been received.

4. Inspection complete: The returned item(s) have been inspected, and a decision has been made regarding the return.

5. Return failed: The return process has failed.

With these order statuses, you can easily track your cheese wedding cake order's progress and identify any orders that may require attention or further action. Remember, you can filter your orders using different status combinations to find specific order information quickly. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team,

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