A Guide to Cheese Wheels Available at the Cheese Wedding Cake Shop

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At The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop/FDL Cheeses, we offer an extensive range of cheese wheels suitable for cheese wedding cakes or any other special occasion. Our selection includes various types of cheese, from cheddar to brie, gouda, blue cheese, and many more. 

In this support article, we will provide an overview of some of our popular cheese wheels, their unique characteristics, flavours, and the aging process.

1. Cheddar:

Cheddar is a versatile and widely loved cheese, originating from Somerset, England. Our cheddar cheese wheels, such as Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar and Mature Cheddar Base, are known for their rich, nutty flavours and firm texture. The aging process for cheddar varies from a few months to over two years, resulting in differences in taste and consistency.

2. Gouda:

Originally from the Netherlands, Gouda cheese is creamy and smooth, with a sweet, mild flavour. Our Gouda cheese wheels are perfect for those who enjoy a more subtle taste. They can be aged for a few months to create a soft and mellow cheese, or for several years to develop a firmer texture and stronger flavour.

3. Brie:

Brie is a soft, creamy cheese from France, with a white, edible rind and a velvety texture. Our Brie de Meaux Rouzaire, Brillat Saverin, and French Brie cheese wheels are perfect for those who enjoy a mild and buttery flavour. Brie is typically aged for four to five weeks, allowing the cheese to develop a rich, earthy taste.

4. Blue Cheese:

Blue cheese is known for its distinctive blue or green veins, created by the introduction of mould during the aging process. This type of cheese can vary in taste, from sharp and tangy to rich and creamy. FDL Cheeses offers a range of blue cheese wheels, including Beenleigh Blue, Blacksticks Blue, Blue Shropshire, and many more. The aging process for blue cheese can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the specific cheese variety.

Some other popular cheese wheels available at The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop/FDL Cheeses include:

  • Admiral Collingwood: A British cheese with a soft, creamy texture and a savoury flavour enhanced by washing the rind with Newcastle Brown Ale.
  • Alpine Creamy Kaltbach: A Swiss cheese aged in natural caves, resulting in a smooth, creamy texture and a complex, nutty flavour.
  • Camembert Rustique: A French cheese similar to Brie, with a slightly stronger flavour and a firmer texture.
  • Cornish Yarg: A semi-hard cheese from Cornwall, wrapped in nettle leaves to create a unique, delicate flavour.
  • Manchego: A Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk, with a firm texture and a rich, slightly tangy flavour.
  • Stinking Bishop: A British cheese with a soft, creamy texture and a strong, pungent aroma, which gets its name from the washing of the rind with perry made from the Stinking Bishop pear.

Whether you're planning a cheese wedding cake or simply looking to explore new flavours, The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop/FDL Cheeses offers a wide variety of cheese wheels to suit every taste. With our extensive selection, you're sure to find the perfect cheese for your special occasion.

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